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  • P/I Cubing "Quick Start" Guide PDF
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About P/I Cubing

We are two brothers from Dallas, TX that discovered Rubik's cubes in 2015.  Now speedsolving cubes for 6 months, we are ready to share with our Patrons how we started, lessons learned, and videos of competitions. 

Your support will help us pay for competition fees , cube costs, and travel expenses as we go to state and national competitions.  Along the way, we will be using what we have learned in school to make outlines, audio, video, and other materials to share with our Patrons. 

Please help us pay our way to these competitions by becoming a Patron and supporting us each time we release a video.

Here are a few questions that our supporters have asked that may be helpful to you.
  • Can I make a one-time donation?  / Patreon does not support one-time donations.  Instead, please think about making a really small monthly donation.
  • Where do I limit my monthly contribution? / After you enter the pledge amount for each video, the next page will ask you for the maximum number of videos per month you would like to support. For example, a $2/video pledge with a max of 2 times per month would be charged $4 for the month and not be charged for any additional videos .
  • Do I have to be a Patron to see your videos?  No, but you will be eligible for rewards and will be the first to see new video releases.
$80 of $100 per Video
At $100, not only will we be able to pay for our own plane tickets, event fees, and cube costs, we will also be able to buy our own portable video and audio equipment that is easier to use so that we can make videos on our own (without the help of our parents).
We will also make our graphics and music much better.
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