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Get on it with a sonnet

Welcome, carpet beetles and all bookworms,
call me Laren Crawford (or Pied Spider).
I hope this sonnet makes you more informed—
enough to be A Stitch in Rhyme insider.

It tells of Dilys and of Aeronwy,
two teens who study making magic marvels
until they’re tangled in conspiracy
and find to their chagrin how life unravels.

More than novel, it’s an online world
filled with tears and laughter, greed and graft,
with people, places, myths, and songs unfurled
in colored yarn crocheted and photographed.

So take a look, explore my  odeon,
and then support me, please, on Patreon!

My history in two rispetti

It was April ’16 a thought got me chuffed
I could pump up my words by two and a half
with meter and music (make sure it’s rhyme stuffed),
and depict with crochet and take photographs.
Forget the publishers and their derision!
Forget about genre! Follow my vision!
I’d publish a website, add puzzles, games—more—
to make a whole world for my fans to explore.

After spending a year on story design
and crochet and photos and meter and rhyme,
reworking, rewriting past first draft outline,
in May ’17 it was publishing time.
On Mondays and Wednesdays I update the arcs
that flare up and fade out like so many sparks
(extras I post when the timing’s propitious).
I hope your mind’s tongue will find it delicious!

A villanelle’s the way to sell

There’s always one more reason to subscribe on Patreon.
By pledging monthly—choosing the amount they like—
my patrons are essential to my art’s creation.

Website hosting’s cheaper than a soccer stadium
but when you fund this goal you help me keep the site.
There’s always one more reason to subscribe on Patreon.

By helping me buy yarn for crocheted populations,
and textile cloth for sets, a camera and lights
my patrons are essential to my art’s creation.

To reach more readers I require compass avian
and your direct support can help my work take flight.
There’s always one more reason to subscribe on Patreon.

And you can keep at bay the frigid darkness Stygian!
Sustaining members help buy heat and light at night.
My patrons are essential to my art’s creation.

Subscribers also get to access content premium
and as like-minded fans and readers we unite.
There’s always one more reason to subscribe on Patreon.
My patrons are essential to my art’s creation!

Seriously, thank you.

I’ll set aside the rhymes for a minute
and say, sincerely, thank you
for considering Patreon
and for reading.
I write and crochet and create because
I want to make a difference
in some small way
to someone.
Stories had a huge effect on me while growing up
and stories still affect me every day
so each reader I can reach
means something.
I have no company backing or publisher funding
so to keep the story going I rely on
ads, merchandise, Patreon.
Every bit helps.
And think about this: being a patron of the arts
was once for only kings and nobles
but now it can be yours:
bragging rights.
So, truly, thank you for supporting A Stitch in Rhyme,
for recommending, linking, liking, sharing,
and above all else, of course,
thanks for reading!

None of that did the trick?!?
Last resort: limericks.

There once was a patron on Patreon
who wanted to be my Pygmalion
donated a quid
(so glad that she did)
‘cause now my words brew like Papazian.

Another supporter on Patreon
who thought my work stank like meconium
but still gave a cent
(improving the scent)
and now its aroma’s ambrosian.

So congregate hither to Patreon,
you paramours sesquipedalian,
and philanthropically
engender art’s actualization.
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