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Hello and thank you so much for being here! (Original idea :))

I'm PierreG and I make ASMR videos in several languages on YouTube. I've been making ASMR videos since January 2017 and it has become more than a passion, a big part of my life. To say the truth, I think I spend too much time working on ASMR videos but when you love something, you can become a bit extreme. The process of creation is one thing, but interacting with people is another thing I enjoy. Actually, I don't think I would produce ASMR videos if there were no interaction with people in the YouTube comments section. I just love to exchange short messages and ideas.

If you are here, it might be to support me through Patreon. You don't need to do it, I'll still continue making ASMR videos as long as I enjoy it, but if you think that my work is worth a dollar or two, and that you can afford helping me, you would be awesome and I would be really thankful.

If you become my patron, I'll be able to buy my oats, buy some food to my cats and well, some material and props to improve my videos. I've already bought quite a lot with my savings but I'm always trying to improve my videos quality and workflow. Editing on a laptop isn't the best for example and buying a separate screen to edit my videos is one of my goals. Improving sound quality is another BIG and never-ending goal.

To sum up: if you decide to support me through Patreon, thanks a lot! Your support is really appreciated!
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Buy some acoustic blankets to improve overall recording quality of my videos.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
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