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My name's Nick, and I'm an animator!  I create animation, draw stuff and tell stories!  Sometimes I make video games too, but that's more of a hobby right now!

You might know me from my work for Sonic Paradox on the Sonic Shorts or Seaside Denied, and if we're going way back, you might have even seen some of my videos from my YouTube channel MarkandFlops.  I also recently released an original film called Keev!

I've been jumping around multiple jobs and freelancing for some really cool clients on some great stuff over the past couple years.  However, despite me loving these projects a bunch, it can be really tough to make enough income to support myself purely through freelance animation work.  On top of that, it's also been tough trying to find opportunities between those freelance gigs to create my own dumb content again.  This just won't do!

By supporting me on Patreon, you would be able to help fund the creation of any and all personal films, games, art and other weird projects I create!
To get more specific, your contributions would allow me to more easily pay for project-related costs (new hardware & software, hiring others to help with projects, references, conventions/trips, etc...)  In other words, consider this a "tip jar" in case you're interested in sharing your support through financial means!

You would be charged at the beginning of every month, and are able to cancel whenever you please.  You're also welcome to choose to back whatever amount you'd like and hang around for however long you want.  Some posts I make might end up being locked to patrons only (for example works-in-progress on new videos), but some are also open to the public to view.  This could change in the future if I can think of something else that's ideally fun to do with this page... but for now let's just keep things simple!

With all that said, thank you so much for reading!

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