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As it says, it's a basic tier, but to me, every dollar counts! I'm super appreciative, and so for that, I'll be giving one sketch of any character to each of you in this tier, if you'd like! If you're interested in that, please be sure to shoot me a message either here or on twitter and I'll confirm it and get you down!
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Five dollars?! That's like gas money for me! Thank you so much, it really means a lot to have any support at all, especially in hard times. As a thank you, I'll update as much as I can on here, and each of you gets a drawing with base colors each month! Again, if you'd like one, please be sure to message me with details on what you'd like! And thank you again!

  • Process/behind-the-scenes (once getting better equipment to do so)
  • Complimentary monthly base color drawing of any character w/ basic background (torso and up only)



About Pikaloma

Very slow, very unmotivated lately, but definitely still trying to get out of this rut to deliver what everyone wants. Please look forward to it!
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I usually don't bother with numbers, BUT.

I want to know that people are interested, you know? So when I get some people, I'll make a unique design of One of you with this project I started one day (though I'll have to ask you all a few questions first before I choose so it's a secret who's chosen!). I promise to do my best to work at it and get everyone interested when I can!
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