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About Pikalomandi

Welcome to my page!
My name is Victora, or you can just call me Vika/Pika.
i'm an artist who still need much more learning.

What am i making?
Currently, i'm working on a Webtoon series.
i also make watercolor illustration and sometimes some digital art
(Fanart/Original art)

Why are you on Patreon?
I need motivation to continuing on my hobbies.
Also want to get more close to people who supporting me!(Thank you so much!)

Patron Rewards
Rewards will be sent around 1st-20th of each month.
i'll try my best to be consistant on the Rewards!
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- Get a thanks letter from Vika!

- More frequent post (sooner than Instagram)

- Some exclusive doodle(s) and sneak peek for future project(s)!

Best Friends here~ (coming soon)
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- Get a thanks letter from Vika!

- Get ALL rewards from the previous Tier!

- Exclusive draw(s) and comic(s)!

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When i reach this goal, i'll start posting here!
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