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My Name is...PETE WALL. I am the host of the newly created podcast...PILLAR TO POST. I began my journey a mere 2 months ago on Youtube and now have come to Patreon to grace you with my presence. I'll be covering all news worthy info on everything WWE and so much more. Pillar to Post is only one small thing that I do people.

CIRCLE OF STEEL a Brand I created to help with the sales of my novel, DRAGON'S KIN. This novel was published Oct/28/2016 and has grown into so much more. I now create merchandise to help with book sales and to promote reading,

So, tune in to Pillar to Post and all podcasts created by yours truly and I hope to not disappoint.
100% complete
My current goals are very simple, to get my brands out there to as many listeners and viewers as possible. I have 2 brands that I am working on.

CIRCLE OF STEEL: CoS is a brand I created that surrounds everything to do with my newly published novel, DRAGON'S KIN. This involves the sales of the novel as well as merchandise(t-shirts,mugs,caps,sweaters etc)

PILLAR to POST: My very first podcast,Pillar to Post brings wrestling news,rumours and my personal views and reactions to RAW,SDLive,NXT and all WWE PPV's. I speak my mind and hope viewers enjoy
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