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About Ash

Hi there! The name is Ash, thanks for visiting!


I'm a freelance artist from California who's passionate about Fantasy, Environments, and World-building, especially in relation to Concept Art and Illustration. I love history and different cultures, so creating unique worlds and giving them lore and personality has always been something I can't get enough of! I strive to make worlds that people can become engaged in. (I also love cats and believe in Bigfoot.)

While I have a outside job to help, I'd love to be able to not worry about bills as much and dedicate more time to develop personal projects, such as Andras, Woolynes, and my own stories! Patreon would enable me to focus more on my work, and also enable me to share my process with you guys. Supporting me on Patreon would not only earn you my undying gratitude, but also access to WIPs, design previewsconcept work, and more!

Thank you very much for taking a look, and to all who have supported me! I truly am grateful to all your support, on Patreon and elsewhere!

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Rent covered! If we reach this amount I'll do tutorial requests on any subject! (That I'm familiar with of course!)
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