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About Claire Burn

Hi friends! I'm Claire and I'm a NYC-based cartoonist and graduate of School of Visual Arts. You might know me from elsewhere as Piney or PineArts.
My current hobbies include watching marble race videos, taking long showers, and crying about dogs - but comics are my one true love!

So what am I working on??

Suriska is my main squeeze. It's a slice-of-life webcomic following two cousins living in a snowy, isolated, blink-and-you-miss-it village, as they deal with anxiety disorders, disdain for one another, and the onset of cabin fever. There's a lot of spite, a lot of soul searching, and maybe a little bit of heart.

Foolish Fire is a 24-page comic about a college student on summer vacation trying to find the source of her restlessness while under the guise of solving the mystery of her older sister's disappearance. The story is a suburban fantasy with a twist on the phenomenon of will-o'-the-wisps, inspired by my own relationship with my hometown. I plan to kickstart a single-issue print run of the comic in late summer/early autumn 2018.

Shaffer & Blair is a long-form story currently in concept stage. It's a supernatural sort-of-romance, sort-of-coming-of-age story about a "medium" in 1870s New York who, after her family moves into a haunted house, discovers that she actually can see ghosts. (Will contain plenty of ghost jokes and gratuitous tragic backstory.)

Mountain Folk is an ongoing compilation of my short comics involving two best friends living in the Blue Ridge Mountains who love messing with each other. That's really the best way I can describe it. The first issue of it is available on Gumroad.

...and of course that's not accounting for any other projects that might pop up in the future. I'm always working on something! You can find my work on TwitterTumblr, and Instagram. Feel free to follow me there!

By supporting me, you help me pay for my website hosting and domain(s), Adobe Creative Cloud fees, and of course, pay for food and stay alive and be able to make more comics! And I really want to make more comics!

In return you'll get:
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(Check out the rewards for more specifics!)

So with that, thank you for your time and support! I really appreciate it!! ♡
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At this goal I'll be able to make CHARMS! I'll take patron input on what the charms should be of, and offer them publicly online (discounted to all patrons and free to upper-tier patrons).
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