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I'm the Lead Developer on Pinkcoin, and am responsible for the vast majority of maintenance and development on the core technology - pretty much everything you'll find built into Pinkcoin itself and the blockchain. In the past I have depended on financial support from other members on the Pinkcoin team in order to commit as much time as I have to working on the project and paying for the services that I use to support it. This has become more difficult with the market decline over the last year. I'd like to be able to dedicate myself to working on and developing Pinkcoin full time without having to be so dependent on a select few very generous colleagues.

Every $100 pledged here per month gives me about an hour per week that I can comfortably dedicate to working exclusively on Pinkcoin. I will work on Pink regardless as it is a project very close to my heart, but it must be known that everyone that works on Pinkcoin does so as an unpaid volunteer.

I want to thank everyone that funds my work to develop Pinkcoin. Without you I could not dedicate as much of my time to develop the core technology behind it and making it what we all have known it can be.

Thank you, everyone, for all your support.

BTC: 35oYCKPipUJu3krEkz6u99BrR1u8ucXNP2
PINK: 2PK7ggEyJKHiH4p5GcsAWrGjVjEc1fcYKn

#pinkarmy #pink4life
$0 of $200 per month
Reaching this goal allows me to meet my most basic technological needs in order to continue working on Pinkcoin. It covers my internet, phone, and server needs.
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