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About Pipilia

Hello !
I'm best known as Pipilia on the internet! I'm 20 years old girl from this cold country called Finland. I do comics, illustrations, graphic design and animations.

I can actually draw pretty much anything but especially animals and fictional creatures are very close to my heart!

I also do some 2D animating some times. I'm self taught and I've been doing this for... 8 years? I've just had this weird passion towards animation all my life and I feel like I'm still learning new things, which is nice!

But I may be most known as the creator of the Webtoon comic Fox Fires. It's a comic about animals and the Finnish mythology! So if you're up for some pretty chill and heart warming story I'd recommend you to check that out!

Why did I start Patreon?

Well, the simple answer is that my dream is to be making my comic and art full time! And you can help me with that! Of course you're getting something in return. So, take a look at my rewards and become a part of my journey towards my dream! Even donating 1$ per month can help a lot!
I'm forever thankful to anyone who decides to support my work!

I think that's all...
Hope you have a nice day!

And also yes. Bears are my favorite animals.

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