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All $1 backers get a personalized digital hand written thank you doodle, or 1 mini bath bomb that comes with a sticker!
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For $10 I promise a free sample of my current project, shipped to you!

November: Bath Bombs
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November: Bath Bombs




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About Joey

I have one goal: to make everyone feel good.

I've decided that beyond digital art, there are way more awesome and indulgent ways to make that a reality through self-care and fun products.
Think blood and gold bath bombs, cool ass candles, soaps and home items likes coasters, ceramics and art.

With my current funding, this month is focused on BATH BOMBS!
All my bath bombs are skillfully crafted by small and clumsy hands but heck, they smell good
All are vegan and are made with nourishing ingredients like coconut and seed oils, salts and clays.

I want to make these things more accessible to people who can't afford or obtain them by other means, but also for everybody else who could use some picking up. This is my personal project, construct my own line of personally curated and creative handmade products.

Through Patreon, I want to build a foundation to provide a platform where I can have the ability to create, sell and give away feel good bath and body, aromatherapy and other fun items as a way to indulge without needing to spend a lot of money. We deserve it. I want to give back to my community and my patrons who help me with my journey.
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I would like to move beyond bath bombs—shower jellies, shampoo bars, candles, soaps, ceramics... With $100 I can start picking up supplies little by little, like wax, butters, oils and other cool stuff.
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