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About @pipsuxx

welcome to SHIT TALK, a podcast where i (pip williams/@pipsuxx/shit face) chat to musicians about feminism, lgbt+ issues, and other important but non-music-related things. 

i don't yet have a time frame for this project, but i'd like to record an initial series of 6-10 episodes and see where i go from there. i've already got a bunch of awesome folks on board: lauren aquilina, pronoun, baum, apollo, and more. we've thrown around a few ideas for topics, including mental health in the music industry, and online dating as a queer person.

so far, i have purchased a mic and commissioned some awesome artwork from soofiya andry. other outset costs include any software further to my current set-up, and paying the incredible renée yoxon, who is creating me a bespoke jingle for the show. once these are nailed down, running costs should be pretty low (famous last words), but it's important to me to compensate those like renée, soofiya, and myself for their time and efforts incurred in the making of this podcast a reality.

prior to this project coming to life, your patronage will not be going to waste! it will be supporting the content i create on other platforms, such as twitter, medium, and other blogs i contribute to for free. thank you so much for your support!

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