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You are now allowed to toss green water on people and run away screaming so long as you accept total responsibility for your actions.

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About pirateaba

Hi there,

I'm pirateaba and I write a web serial that updates every Tuesday and Saturday. I am currently in the process of writing The Wandering Inn, a fantasy story which follows the life of Erin Solstice, a girl who finds herself working as an innkeeper in another world. In a reality governed by video game levels and classes, Erin has to find a way to survive while tending an inn that serves monsters and people alike.

So far, The Wandering Inn has been online for over two years, and is over one million words long. The story is continuing, and Volumes 1-5 are currently free to read while the latest chapter is locked by a password until the next update. Twice a week, I release a new password-protected chapter and make the previous one public to everyone. I tend to write ~10,000 words on average per chapter as of late.

I've found this is the easiest way to support myself while writing. Anyone can read my story, but those who like what I write can donate $5 and read the next chapter early--as well as keep me employed. I'm very grateful to all my amazing readers, and hope I can continue to keep providing you with an entertaining story.

Note: Patrons are charged the instant they pledge, so if you pledge right before the next month, you may be charged twice in quick succession.

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