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I started The Pitt POV sports blog in June of 2016, after writing for the Pitt Blather for six years. I wanted to provide a forum for Pitt football fans to read something different and more unique than is found in the mainstream media, and to provide a safe and civil place to have roundtable discussions via the comments section.

The Pitt POV has been a resounding success, with readers and commenters from across the country and internationally, and with a readership into the upper hundreds of thousands.

Because I have a goal of writing five to seven articles a week and providing in-depth coverage of not just the games, but everything associated with Pitt football, I regularly travel from where I live in Maryland to Pittsburgh and incur some large expenses as a result.

Your generous support will allow me to maintain my high standards of writing and provide resources for expanding the Blog with projects such as a quarterly newsletter and Pitt POV gifts for readers and commenters.

Thank you so much for considering helping The Pitt POV and myself - any amount of support is appreciated.

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If we get $500 per month, it will offset travel costs for the year. I drive 450 miles round trip to Pittsburgh for each Pitt football event.  I attend every home game, the bowl games, the LOI Day Event, spring practices, the spring game and as many fall practices as I can afford. So between gas, tolls, hotels, meals, etc... things add up.

Meeting that $500 per goal would almost completely offset those costs and any extra will go to other associated expenses, along with some gifts and prizes for our POV family Patrons, and I mean "family" because we're all in this together.
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