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Hello! My name's Dennis Ramberg and I am the founder of Pixel Shade and lead developer of "Unsung", an open world 2D platform adventure game.

Game design has always fascinated me, ever since my youth I have been having long discussions with my brother about god and bad games and what makes them "tick", I have also technically dissected games since childhood, curiously wanting to find bugs, even break games in order to understand of how they were built. Eventually, I started of tinkering around with code, game engines, and related software. And since adulthood, I have been working professionally as a software developer UI/UX-designer.

Wanting to pursue a career in the gaming industry, I founded Pixel Shade, a game studio with a focus on delivering premium-quality 2D games. The very essence of the studio was to bring transparency to the gaming community and insight into everyday life of game development. That is why I have started a Youtube- and Twitch-channel. Giving people a window into this life. It is the uncensored reality of game development, everything from great achievements to hardship and bumps along the way. We are currently three people involved in the project, which is really, really cool. My friends and colleagues Gustav Sigling (Music Composer) and Mikael Kallioniemi (Contributing artist) will, unfortunately, keep on doing this in their spare time until the financial aspects of Pixel Shade are solved.

I have endless of ideas for content for our YouTube-channel, and you will receive everything from tutorials (graphics, animation, programming, hardware etc) to software recommendations, in-depth game- and market analysis as well as "getting started" sessions to get yourself started on your own game. On the Twitch-channel we can hang out, either during the development or during gameplay sessions talking about fond memories, good and bad game design, things we enjoy, or just talk about life in general. :) I hope to see you guys here.

You can reach out to us on following channels:

Why do you need money?
Well, keeping the game development transparent with the community requires a lot of time. Twitch-streams are awesome since I get to interact with you guys, but do take time to setup, edit, and sync. YouTube videos will take a lot of time, to write, record, edit and publish. Your generous support means that I spend less time freelancing as a software developer and more time with important stuff, like game development, live streams and videos for you to enjoy.

Why Patreon?
To tell you the truth, it is super hard getting into game development. When I looked at myself I realized that I needed to bootstrap my life in every way possible to make this happen. I moved back to my mother's place at the age of 33, helping her out while cutting down expenses, living in a tiny guest cabin. The financial risk of pursuing this kind of life is far from glamorous and crazy high since game development takes a lot of time, while we, the developers, literally need to burn through our life savings. Being successful is very far from self-written. Statistically many projects are doomed from the very start. But still, we do it, for the art, for the pleasure of entertaining you guys. And well, the financial alternatives sucks to be perfectly honest. Investors are generally obsessed with business models rather than the way we all like it, as a creative work of art. Publishers can be very helpful once you strike a deal with them (which usually happens when the game is 80% done and the biggest part of the financial risk has already been made). It requires an insane amount time to reach a point when a deal is made, which basically leaves little to no time left for game development. On the other hand, a lot of really talented indie studios are telling horrible stories of being practically destroyed due to miscommunication and contract bureaucracy with publishers resulting in high-profit cuts and little- to no effort on the PR/Marketing department from the publishers part. Leaving the studio with a very small community of fans, low sales, although many of the games are really good.

To me, the strength with Patreon is that even the tiniest amount of money, like buying me a coke or a coffee every month can have the greatest effect on Pixel Shade as a game studio when the community is helping each other collectively. The very foundation of Pixel Shade is built on the support of the community. And from my perspective, I don't want to fool anyone into believing that I am something I'm not, nor fake promises of a game. The development will be 100% transparent, you will see the evolution of our games with your own eyes, and we will do everything we can to create enjoyable, eye-opening video content and, in the end, awesome games! :)

That's all good, but what do I get?
Starting from 1$ a month you will get exclusive content that non-patreons will have no access to. You can find details on all of the rewards here on the page. :) You will get the rewards once the first payment has been processed (which happens at the beginning of every month), and of course our deepest thanks!

Do I need to pay? And how often will I end up paying?
Of course not, it is possible to help out even when your economy is strained. By viewing, liking, commenting and spreading the word about our work is equally appreciated as financial support. If you decide to contribute financially, the number of times you end up paying is up to you. People supporting me should not feel forced to do so, and the amount of money charged should feel like it has a really good impact on the project, but zero impact on your private economy.

Together we make this possible. :)

Anything to declare?

I do work as freelance software developer for a consultancy firm at an hourly rate. I do this in order to keep my nose above water level financially. However, starting in February 2020 I am striving for being able to develop this game full time. And with the generous help of you guys that might just be the case. :)

$0 of $1,000 per month
This will be a serious milestone in making my bootstrapped life of living in a cabin, eating noodles and creating games possible. It will significally improve financial security and I will be able to keep on going for a minimum of one year without the need of freelancing.
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