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About Pixelbark

"I can hear you calling to me, a quiet trifling whimper. You have yet to discern my presence. But I am here."
I am a game developer from the UK, you might know me as the person that made NEON Ultra, and Down. Or the person that talks about Badgers on twitter a little too much.

I am currently working on my passion project called Soliloquy.

What is Soliloquy?

Soliloquy is a psychological horror game in the style of classic survival horror. It takes inspiration from Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, Forbidden Siren and more. Fundamentally it is a game about depression and the dissasociation one feels from reality. It touches on the futility and unimportance of hope as one spirals out of control.

It asks, what is scarier? Monsters with fangs and claws? Or the inevitable fading of one's sense of self. Disintegration, loss, madness and eventually death. Is this the best we can hope for?

Currently Soliloquy is very early on in development, and I need all the support I can get. As it is a huge undertaking!

Why Patreon?

Game development is hard work, it takes a lot of passion but also a lot of time! I currently work full-time as a means of both supporting myself and also funding the games I create. Which means I don't often get to spend as much time working on developing the games I'm passionate about as I'd like, especially considering I do all of the game design, art and most of the programming solo!

With your support I will be able to spend more time working on making my games the best that they can be. In return, I can of course offer you new games to play, but I can also offer you development updates, live development streams, coding and asset creation help, and with enough support, I can bring Soliloquy out.

Thank you. Your support means the world to me.

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I'll be living the dream! At this tier I would be able to quit my job. I would be fully supported by your generosity. This would cover living expenses with a extra little buffer for security.

With an extra 9 hours free in the day I would be able to focus entirely on developing games.
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