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Hello, and thank you for stopping by!
You can call me Pix or Pip. Character designing has always been my passion. While my circumstances at home give me the opportunity to do what I love, it can also be difficult to balance large amounts of work while giving my brain and body a rest.

This Patreon will not only help me to continue to make art for a living, but be able to support myself, my family and my animals financially. It's also a way to give back a little to the community who supports me and gives me this opportunity.

As always, I greatly appreciate everyone who has supported me, new and old!
*All adoptables that are not patron-exclusive are posted on my deviantart!
*Patron rewards are started on the 20th of every month for paid patrons!
*This patreon charges on the first of every month, so keep that in mind when you're first pledging!

Select a membership level
Tier 1 -- the tip jar!
per month

Thank you! This is the best tier if you'd like to keep up to date with my patreon, and give a little support. Every little bit goes a long way! In this tier you'll receive:

  •  Access to patron-only feed and polls 
  •  Early notice and post times for commission openings with guaranteed acceptance slots
Tier 2
per month

  You'll receive all previous tier rewards plus:

  • Wips and previews of new designs and artworks
  • Exact post dates/times and openings for adoptables
  • Early-claims and patron-only adopt batches
  • %10 discount on all commission orders 
  • Access to all my bases and resources, new and old
Tier 3
per month

 You'll receive all previous tier rewards plus:  

  • Option A: free simple colored bust commission


  • Option B: free simple colored bust adopt (picked from a fcfs patron-only batch)

 (references are collected on the 20th of each month- this is for paid patrons only!)

Tier 4
per month

 You'll receive all previous tier rewards plus ONE of the following:  

  • Option A:  A base transfer/design expansion of your adopt if you opted for the bust adopt from the previous tier on a semi-chibi base


  • Option B:  A flat-colored half body commission (can be used for bust design expansion or another character of your choice)


  • Option C: A flat-colored full body sketch 

( references are collected on the 20th of each month- this is for paid patrons only!) 

90% complete
This would be a giant milestone for me, and help in more ways than I could count. This is a goal I never fathomed, so honestly any big goals are still a mystery! But without a doubt it would give me more time to work and draw for y'all, which is something im short on these days!
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