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You really believe in me! This is when I start feeling like I need to make the benefits more awesome! This is also the tier that offers support to the stream game Pixel Ragnarok.

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About PixelMeSane

Hi! I'm PixelMeSane, or Pix for short! I've been streaming since 2015, first on Twitch and now on Mixer. It's been a wild ride, with highs and lows, with constant changes needed to try to adapt to difficult circumstances. I'm so proud of the community we've built together, and many of you have been with me for a long time. Let's keep working together to make the community even bigger! If you enjoy my content, check out here how you can help support this crazy endeavour to become a self-supporting streamer!

Make sure you also stop by the stream! We're Live from wednesday to sunday at 6pm GMT @ https://mixer.com/PixelMeSane
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This is our first Patreon goal! Reaching this goal means I can guarantee some basic needs are met, such as food and bills! 
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