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Hail and well met! Only a small penance a month keeps the lights on. Think of this like a tip jar for the articles and videos I'm already making. 

You get:

-A shoutout in every project

-Access to Patreon only polls

-A biweekly written dev blog on the current project 

Includes Discord rewards
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Let's get down to work.

You get:

 -art and design WIP's from current projects  

-the first look at completed assets

-automatic access to commercial releases

-sneak peeks at new projects

-all previous tiers

Includes Discord rewards
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The best of the best!

Got some problems? Need some help? One on one help might be for you!

A this tier you get a monthly one on one session with me where we go over one of the following as per your need:

-audition coaching. From the perspective of a casting director.

-character voice coaching. Let's get that toolkit together.

-general writing critique. Voice, pacing, and flow. (word limit TBD)

-world-building workshop. Does your lore make sense? 

-game design/pitch critique. Let's work out the kinks!

-all previous tiers

Includes Discord rewards




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About Pixels and Pins Studio

Hey, I'm Ashe, I'm here, I'm queer, and I develop visual novels. Also shorts stories. And sometimes audio dramas. And I am thinking about a webcomic....
Basically the idea board is gettin' pretty full these days. 
In addition to writing, development, and voice acting, I travel around to conventions with an educational panel about visual novel development, write articles about project and creative management, and make videos about high level creative processes. I want to keep doing these things, do them more, defray some of my development overhead, and bring in people like voice actors, composers, and artists to collaborate on new and exciting things. 
That's where you come in. 
For only a small contribution a month, I can start gathering the funds to do bigger and better things.

Will you be a part of what's next?

How the Support Tiers Work

I love to create, but I also want to help empower other people to create to the best of my ability. I'm not super keen, then, on keeping a lot of that sort of thing behind paywalls. My articles and How-to videos, then, will remain totally free and open to the public.
For those who are kind enough to lend me their support, however, I'll be offering a more in-depth behind the scenes look at what I'm doing. Right now, this means bi-weekly progress reports on major projects, sneak peeks at new ideas, and early access to demos of new game releases. 
As we progress and things come together in a more coherent form, I'm open to offering up things like my Trello boards, my idea documents, my organized lore notes, or whatever thing Patrons have an interest in seeing! Polls will go up in the future to hear what you have to say. 

Where Will the Money Go?

  • Website upkeep
  • Steam publishing fees
  • Implementing voice acting for future projects
  • Commissioning artists and composers for future projects
  • Possible future vendor/demo fees at conventions
  • Marketing expenses for conventions and demos
  • Taking over the world?

In the Wild

Social Media
Tutorials and Help Articles

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for even coming this far. Every dollar is like a dream come true. I just hope I can bring what I love to everyone else. 

$2 of $50 per month
Addition of monthly, physical post cards with art for $5 and up Patrons.
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