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Every month your $5 will go toward a drink ticket at a future Pixels and Pints event. Every $300, we buy a half-keg of local Calgary brew... and you help pick it!




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About Pixels YYC

Pixels started as a monthly Meetup group in 2009 where web developers and digital designers could grab a pint and talk shop. We've hosted over 100 meetups and served several hundred pints of sponsored local brews. This campaign keeps the good times flowing.
$26 of $300 per month
This is the cost of a half-keg (60 pints) of top-shelf local Calgary beer per month, give or take. That means every Pixels and Pints event will have beer tickets at the door. If we make more than $300/month, we'll either begin buying full kegs (120 pints) or we'll begin sponsoring kegs for other Calgary-based tech events.
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