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A big heartfelt thank you and virtual hug from me!  You'll get to see pages here before I update them on my websites and read the story behind them! Ill also be posting finished paintings here too.
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Everything above and when you rack up $40 total Ill mail you a small canvas that fits inside of a CD bubble mailer.  Think of it as building a collection that you can arrange on the wall!  If you want an idea of what to expect as far as themes go cehck out my instagram @pjamasvonpatten
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OMG!!! Five bucks a month!!! Thank you!  Everything above and how about a monthly pdf that you can use as a wallpaper for your laptop or phone screen!




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I create illustrated narratives.  Whether through stories or single paintings/drawings my goal is to create work that invites the viewer to pause and reflect. I love using this medium to share my experiences of life - the trouble, the pain, the loss and ultimately the growth. I also hope to bring attention and awareness to issues such as addiction, the many situations that being homeless presents, mental illness, juvenile justice, autism and poverty, all from my first-hand experiences of these matters. In the future, I hope to explore other, less personal but no less important topics, like modern reserve life of indigenous North Americans and the bleak situation that is the downtown Eastside of Vancouver, BC.

My first graphic novel Tower25 is finished and seeking a publisher to call home.  Pages from Tower25 along with other original art have been featured in solo shows. Your contributions will allow me to focus my time on creating art and graphic novels that explore the above mentioned themes. It will also enrich and deepen future work by being able to go draw more locations and to  interview the people that will make up each work. I've recently committed fully to life as a visual artist, and I'm thrilled to be able to do this every day. So thank you, because your support gives life to the work inside of me. It allows me to get it out on the page, and out to you.

You can find me on instagram @pjamasvonpatten
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Art supplies cost money!  High quality paper, Sakura micron pens and Copic markers are pricey but necessary tools of the trade that I need to work on my graphic novels.  And then there's Peet's Coffee... its my fuel for living and creativity,:)
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