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About Michael DeGuzis

I very much believe in SteamOS, despite any growing pains or criticisms it has. GNU/Linux is a great interest of mine, and gaming is another hobby of mine. I see SteamOS for what it can really bring, and already has brought to end-users. Much of my outside time is devoted to improving SteamOS.  Providing useful tools, scripts, and software to SteamOS users makes me quite happy. This project was started to scratch a personal itch, as are many open source projects.

You may have seen me lurking Steam forums, GitHub, Reddit, and elsewhere as the user "professorkaos64." Below are some areas where I contribute:

Donations greatly help me offset server costs. Higher donation goals will go toward better hosting options, such as hard drive space, bandwidth, VPS upgrades (virtual private servers), and other services to help provide packages and tools. I have a monthly data cap of 600 GB, which may seem large....until you build large projects like Qt and Kodi Media Center a few times :)

Thank you for any consideration!

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