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E-mail me a suggestion of any Fire Emblem Hack for me to play on my channel! (Will just show off the first three maps unless its video gets really popular) (Includes previous tier rewards)

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About PKLucky

My name is PKLucky, PK for short. I create different kinds of Fire Emblem content and show it off on YouTube and other social media.

I currently do livestreams and let's plays of Fire Emblem games and fangames on my channel. I create Fire Emblem fangames myself. One of my games, Romancing of Heroes: Boys' Side is a Fire Emblem Heroes fangame and gay romantic visual novel which is available for download on I am currently working on a more traditional Fire Emblem fangame with the Lex Talionis game engine. For my Lex Talionis game, I have been making my own GBA FE Portrait splices for the characters.

Since I'm a poor college student, your pledges will help me get money for basic needs, upgrade the current equipment I have, and maybe let me do what I love full-time? Your contributions will be greatly appreciated!

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It would be nice to earn more revenue than I could ever receive from YouTube. Once this goal is reached, I will not be using YouTube's monetization option anymore. No more ads!
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