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Friendos are just homies that like my work and wanna say, 'Hey, keep it up'. You will also:

-receive my comic a DAY before it's released to the public

-will be put on the top of my commission list if you want commissions

-will get a shout-out during each comic and Podcast!

More than Friendos ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
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We're taking this to the next level.  As well as above, you also 

-get a free HD screensaver illustration each month 

-get insights, questions (like in my Podcast), ect on all new projects!

-take $3 off any commissions 

Platonic Lovers
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Wow you are amazing). Not only do you get all previously mentioned

-I will ask you in polls for art suggestions 

-let you weigh in on merch designs!

-get $5 off all commissions



About Plamondon

Hello there, thanks for stopping by!

I'm Plamondon, a sassy webcomic artist, comedian, and illustrator from Canada!

Over the years I've somehow fallen into the webcomic/illustrator life. It's been a wild, extremely fulfilling ride and I want to keep going. This is why I have a patreon; to fund my work and to connect with my audience! I have a lot of ideas in store, and I want to share it with you first!

For $1 you will receive early access and be recognized as a supporter of my work
For $5 you will receive an HD screen saver once a month only available to patrons
For $10 you will be able to be a part of my creative process, including polls, Q&A's ect
For $20 you can hang with my once a month in either a livestream, hangouts, or a game! I will always give a 48 hour notice and I will eventually have a set day and time each month when I have a more permanent schedule

I never thought anyone would want to read my comics let alone support my work when I first started doing this, but I've been blessed to meet so many amazing artists and readers that have lifted my confidence and appreciation in myself and what I have to offer to the world. Your support, no matter how small, shows the world that small artists matter. Thank you for taking the time, energy, and money to make doing what I absolutely love to do possible.

For business/commission inquiries, please contact me at: [email protected]

50% complete
I am working to make this a full time job and this will get me a lot closer in combination of commissions! Thank you friends!
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