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We're doing brainstorming sessions about various stuff connected to the game. And you can be part of it! Your opinion matters :)

  • Discussion at DiscordApp,
  • Making decisions, which influence the game!
  • All events will be scheduled in calendar.


  • core game mechanics
  • graphics / ui / sounds
  • multiplayer / match-making
  • infrastructure
  • etc...

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Hey Dude!
(I will make it simple...)

Who are we?

Two guys who are obsessed with gaming. 
We love to play games, have a fever for finding glitches in them, and consumed by creating games.

What are we doing?

We've been working on a multiplayer, Real Time Strategy game (RTS) for touch devices. It's called "Planet Gula".

It's platform independent so it doesn't matter if you are playing on Android or iOS or Desktop-PC against your friends.

Unlike other games, there is no micromanagement. Why not? Just because it would be crazy to do this on smartphone (it's not user-friendly). 

What we are offering?

  • Playable, downloadable version:
    Single-Player (with 2x tutorials and 5x campaign maps),
    Multi-Player (LAN and/or Internet).
  • Participation in development and testing
    as a part of beta release.

Just look into Tiers on the right!      ~~~>    ~~~>>     ~~>>>     ~>>>>|

Thank You,
Jerzak and j3nda.

~      ~     ~   ~  ~ o ~  ~   ~     ~      ~

3 of 23 patrons
When we reach 23 patrons,
we will make and twitch/discord Multiplayer Gaming Session event. (Schleduled in calendar)
  • We're playing game against each other.
    and you can join us!
  • It's fun :)
    Full of emotional moments.
  • Here is: video from last event.
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