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My name is Judy. I run a YouTube & Instagram documenting all sorts of delicious vegan creations. I am lucky enough to share my work with thousands of humans around the world, contributing to an active community of those interested in incorporating healthful habits easily into their lives. On my YouTube channel I produce 1-3 minute videos, in an easy-to-watch format. Making healthy recipes accessible in this way is very rewarding.

I save every single penny I earn from my PBJ-empire. It's strictly spent on equipment to improve my videos (editing software, camera lenses, food props etc.) or saved into my travel fund. I have recently finished college, deciding (last minute) that I wanted a gap year before starting my nutrition degree at University. With your Patreon support I will be able to really focus on growing this channel over the next year. I want to be able to upload videos 3-7x a week - currently I'm averaging one video a day! I can only continue uploading videos daily if I am able to afford taking only a part-time job instead of a full-time job, so I can spend more hours on creating new content. In Summer 2016, I will crack open my savings so I can travel to a few corners of the earth... and I want to take you with me.

HOWEVER, I do not want you to feel obliged to support me in this way! Every view, like, comment or share means the world to me. Whatever means of support works for you, works for me too.


((p.s. please note that Patreon takes 25% of each donation))

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