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About PlantUML

PlantUML is an Open Source software and platform that allows to easily create UML diagrams.
With your support, the software will have new features!
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You can just become one of our Patreon.


$1 per month may sound like a tiny contribution for you. It is not for us.

Thanks to crowdfunding, small amounts can lead to significant value !

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You can integrate a personal photo or picture into PlantUML source code!

The photo will be encrypted into the source code, and will be displayed when a special sentence (your dedication) will be entered.

It could be a photo of your pet, someone you care about, some place you love... By this way, your photo will be algorithmically set in stone and spread all over the world, everywhere PlantUML is installed, even if no one but you knows about it...

There are two kinds of Dedication:
See details on

So why would people make dedication ?

  • Public: the special sentence is publicy written in the code of PlantUML, so someone searching into the code will be able to find it and then see your photo.
  • Private: only SHA-512 signature of the special sentence is in the source code (as the encrypted photo). No one can guess your special sentence, neither see your photo, since it's encrypted using the sentence itself.
  • Because there might be some message that you want to be set in stone for eternity
  • Because it's fun to be able to generate a beautiful image from a simple sentence
  • Because it helps PlantUML to growth!
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The goal is to get a better design for the website!
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