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If you just donate $1, you'll have access to our patreon only feed AND you'll get to see our videos a day early! If more people donate, I'll be able to add more benefits, so tell your friends and plegde for yourself!
Generous PlasmaBro!
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If you donate one more dollar, you'll get a shout out at the end of our video and get your social media link, youtube channel, etc of your choice with your name and maybe even a friendly message if you want!




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Hey guys, my name is Chris! I'm one of the creators at the PlasmaPros youtube channel! It would be awesome if you guys could support our channel by becoming a patreon, or as I like to call it, a "PlasmaBro!" Hehe... get it... moving on, My friend Ryan and I created our youtube channel becuase we thought that someday, we could become succesful youtubers doing what we have fun doing! Again, if you guys could make a plegde, that would be amazing! Anyways that it for now, I hope to see you guys on our channel but until then, I'll see you guys later!
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If we get to $10, it would be the best! Then we would be able to keep making content and adding more benefits for you guys!
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