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About plasmavamp

hey there!! I'm  @plasmavamp on tumblr c: 

I create Sims 4 content — specifically builds, but I might* do some cc recoloring or something. [* maybe, maybe not, it depends!]

This page will be for my supporters who wish to toss a donation for my work and are rewarded with "VIP downloading", meaning they'll get to download my builds before I publicly release them a couple of weeks later ^^! I have a  ko-fi page for those who wish to simply donate for whenever, and all of my downloads will be free in the end regardless! (no paywalls/ad pages will be used) [I will use simfileshare, thesimsresource, as well as Google Drive].

I'm not begging for money as I do builds for my personal enjoyment and desire to give content to Simmers, but I do appreciate any and all donations tossed my way ♥ Thank you for the consideration c:

I've been a Simmer since roughly 2002 when I was given The Sims (1) on my PlayStation 2. From then on, I was always a fan, and I spent most of the time building my houses/lots than playing the actual game lol. I'm by no means an expert, but I'd like to think I'm pretty good at building in the game c:

When will my downloads be publicly available?
I'll put up a "coming soon" post on my tumblr with some images of my content and a link to here for those interested in an optional $1+ pledge for an early download, if they so wish. Regardless, I'll post the download publicly on the second Monday of every month using simsfileshare, thesimsresource, and a second location for just-in-case, Google Drive. I'll also put my ko-fi link for anyone who wishes to donate freely.

Is this breaking EA's policy?
Nope!  This is allowed ^-^  

How much are you asking?
Just $1! I'm also not asking for anything; I've set up these pages for anyone who wants to donate on their own terms. I have this patreon for anyone who wants to toss a dollar my way in exchange for early access to builds that are later free. You're also more than welcome to donate more but that's ultimately up to you ^^ My ko-fi page is also linked if you'd rather to just donate ♥

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post