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Trade A Sandwich To Save A Starfish
per month

For the cost of a sandwich each month, you can support my efforts to reduce plastic pollution.  The campaigns and causes I am working on ultimately protect starfish or sea stars from plastic entanglement, so you can consider this when you pledge just $10 a month!

Buy Me Lunch to Save the Turtles
per month

Would you buy me a bottle of wine or take me out to lunch? This is the same price and will protect sea turtles and other marine creatures from ingesting plastic pollution. 

Thank you for your support of my activism and campaigns!

Uber Trip to Save the Dolphins
per month

This is where I start to really feel the impact. Receiving $50 a month is a significant help to my campaigning as I travel around the world on my own dime trying to reduce plastic pollution. This is like you shouting an uber trip for me once a month, and it is so appreciated. 

This goes towards basic living costs as I book all of my own travel and accomodation and food and do all of my own media. 

This is a very appreciated amount. Thank you.




per month

About Plastic Free Mermaid


I have not used disposable plastics for a decade. Now I am working to help shift the planet's detrimental addiction to single-use plastics for good. I welcome your support for this work.

In 2008, I learned that plastics do not biodegrade and were gathering in gyres in our oceans. As an ocean lover, avid water sports enthusiast, and mermaid, I couldn't contribute to the defilement of my temple. So I phased out single-use items. In more recent years I gave up all plastic packaging, so I make all of my own beauty, bath, cleaning products and any food item I crave usually wrapped in plastic. I have used social media to share my plastic-free lifestyle and encourage others to reduce their use as well.

Currently, I am visiting some of the most polluted parts of the world and need your help to continue sharing this moving imagery and important message.

I am also putting together a book of my plastic-free recipes, a course for interested folks to phase out plastics, and excitingly, a mentorship program to help train up mermaids (and mermen) to create change in their communities and beyond!

Thank you for your support.