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About Tyler Norton

ALL DONATIONS IN US DOLLARS - sorry guys, this is just a Patreon thing.

Canadian world champions and German coaches.
The smartest people in climbing are spread across the globe. They rarely get the chance to talk to each other, let alone talk to gym employees like me. We're great at sharing beta and videos of a cool problem we set, but we hesitate to talk about business, governance, or what will change as our sport explodes in popularity.

American hold shapers and French routesetters. 
Running a podcast is a great excuse to talk with professionals from around the world. Then I bring that knowledge back to my community, and see what I can use to make us better. Just like attending a setting clinic, a coaching conference, or visiting a gym on the outskirts of town.

Bulgarian wall builders and English event organizers.
Plastic Weekly lets you in on the conversation, so you can hear about experiences from 5000 miles away and build them into your own climbing world - all without booking flights or hiring consultants. If these interviews are valuable to you, consider making a small donation to help cover the costs of production.

Note on why I'm charging per episode, rather than monthly:
If you've been following Plastic Weekly since the beginning, you know that I've been fairly inconsistent- sometimes with long breaks between episodes. Charging monthly might end up in you donating generously, but receiving less content than you expected. Per creation donations mean your card won't be charged for anything unless an episode actually gets published. I hope to switch to a monthly donation model, but I will only switch over if I've settled on a consistent and manageable schedule.

-Your card will be billed at the start of each month
-You will only be charged for the amount of content released (max 4/month)
-Rewards ship after you are billed (around the beginning of each month)
-Refunds are not available, but you can cancel your donations any time

$52 of $60 per creation
At 4 episodes per month, my initial costs will have been recouped after 1 year! That's a tonne of hardware, software, and paying a great band for the theme song. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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