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My name is Platy. No, I am not a platypus. I am a manga artist and a digital illustrator who uses art to connect with others. I hope to make a living out of  this so I can keep doing what I love while inspiring and uplifting others!

A little about me.
I have been drawing ever since I was little. I had so many images in my head I wanted to communicate but did not know how. However, with my mother's art supplies I found solace and a way to show people what I experience. With the help of others I eventually realized the potential for this creative ability could bring wonders to my eyes and others. With Patreon, I am confident that I can work toward that seemingly magical dream (and not starve as I do so ahh… what a nice dream).

What do you do?
Currently I am working on a project that is very dear to my heart. It is a manga titled 
A Heart of Diamond. I intend for this comic to be as well thought out and plot driven as any other fantasy novel, as visually compelling as movies, and as full of life and emotions as we humans experience. The story is about a young adult named Lily. Lily grew up with warriors and dragons, living a life of migrating, wielding magic, and raiding civilizations. However as time ticks it's apparent that no one remembers anything prior 19 years ago. One day, demonic dragons ambush Lily's friends and kidnap her to frightening lands. As she fights to return to her family, bits of her past haunt her and with each ethereal region she visits she learns more about her past, the world's, and other realms'. Lily must come to terms with her past in order to win this battle of gods, spirits, creations, and powers; all fighting for control over the right to exist.
 A Heart of Diamond will take its audience through an action-packed adventure full of humor, diverse fantasy, beautiful worlds, and memorable characters that will teach readers just how closely individual lives connect each other and what it means to live!

I post this manga for free on tapastic and on webtoons and hope to publish it in paper one day. No matter how many patrons I have, the manga itself it will always be free to view!

I also make digital illustrations. They are quicker produce and communicate messages with than my manga. My manga will take years to finish while illustrations take about
 ten to thirty hours to complete. Additionally, I have a feeling I might go insane from not making illustrations; they are quite fun! These can be viewed at

What do I get in return for patronage?

Good question! Glad you asked. By pledging a certain amount, you can enjoy rewards such as early manga updates, progress snapshots, concept designs, timelapse videos, and of course my eternal gratitude. As time goes by I may add more rewards, but for now the only rewards per pay are listed to the right on the rewards menu.

Many thanks!
Thank you for your consideration; I hope you enjoy watching my journey as an artist as much as I love sharing and breathing life into my creations!
$1 of $1,000 per month
 $1000?! Sweet!!!! I'll be able to put aside time to make three pages of my manga every two weeks.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts

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