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About Playcator

What the hell does Playcator do? You sound like a porn streamer. Why should I give you anything?

I've played around with making game-related videos and let's plays for ages, done some video editing for my sister's Kickstarters, etc., but in August of 2017 I started YouTubin' in earnest. I make one or more videos per week, including the heavily produced Impress Me -- which features my sister Erin Mehlos of Next Town Over/horse murder ... uh, fame? and I playing [usually] free, [frequently] bad MMORPGs -- MacGuffin Delivery Service -- in which we play [usually] old, [frequently] hilarious point and click adventure games -- and a smattering of other assorted guides, let's plays and game miscellany.

I missed the boat a little bit on YouTube gaming channels, though, because in February of 2018 YouTube changed their partner program in ways that were disastrous for anyone just getting started. I was under their new, sliiiiightly draconian thresholds for subs and watch hours, and I lost my partner status and my ability to monetize my channel before I'd even gotten it off the ground. So, at last, enter you.

I put a lot of time into making videos. If you enjoy them, even a little bit, I could really use your help. Please consider tossing me $1 (or more! I won't judge!) to help me continue making and improving my content, hopefully one day afford better editing software, and, moreover, keeping my videos ad-free!

Are there prizes? Tiered prizes? What will you give me?
Yes, there's a sort of a half-assed prize? There are however no reward tiers; not everyone can afford to give huge amounts of money and I'm grateful for any pledge of support. Chip in what you can, and get access to BONUS SHOW, which is a ... bonus ... show. Also get access to my heart. <3

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