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Ahoy mateys! I be the Playing Dutchman!

Aside from the pirate talk, I am a video creator from the Netherlands and I hope to become able to entertain people with the content I put out.
This particular channel will be videogame based. At the moment my only regular output on said channel is let's plays and this is because I have a bit of a lack of time and money to develop and consistently output newer types of formats. I would really love to be able to dedicate more of my time and energy to this and it would be working towards realizing a big dream of mine: to become an independent creator on the internet.

I know I am not entitled to your money. This content is a blast to make on its own and I am not saying  you should give me money for it. I am asking your donations, because without them progress towards new formats/ items/ shows will be so much slower and I want to grow as a creator.

So if you're as excited as I am for more videogame-related content, support me and together we'll make The Playing Dutchman grow into fame and fortune!
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I will debute a news item. This will be a weekly vlog style item from my room with b-roll footage of the games/ subjects I talk about. I shall work out further details over time and the format will probably evolve as it's ongoing, but this is the base idea.
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