is creating tales, comics, illustrations, photography
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Access to patron-only content. That includes exclusive art, short stories from our upcoming book, character sheets, sketches and drafts, poems and future lyrics, photography. We go with the flow.
Every two weeks we'll have a Ask-Me-(almost)Anything for all our patreons, so we can talk about our inspirations and how we do the things we do. 
Annnnd we'll thank you and love you for ever.
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High-quality downloads (.jpg, .mp3). You'll be able to get the music we release as soon as they come out, any pictures we post will be up there to download as you please, we can even make them wallpapers to fit your phone screen or monitor. 

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You can suggest what story we should focus more on the next month and what kind of art you want to see
Short behind the scene/making of videos and pics. Art process screenshots, selfies and short videos so you can see The Struggle (its real) of being broke but resourceful artists. 
Sneak-peek of future projects
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About Lauria

We are Lauria, two artists who daydream too much and decided to consolidate our reverie. As a couple in real life, we have different talents and a flair for entertainment and storytelling. It didn't take long to figure out our skills would be put to better use together.
Using a variety of medias (such as writing; drawing; photography, and more) we want to share our ever growing universes with all of you.
We are very grateful for any help, and we're more than happy to introduce our many worlds to you. Join our patreon for exclusive content!
Also check our website for a lil bit more info

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We have many goals, and we need to perfect our craft to achieve them. So first of all, we need to be able to attend classes. 
Our very first goal is to pay for courses. There are many that we need and want and unfortunately in our country those ones are only in private schools which means MONEY. It's a small enough goal and a very important one.
This will also be used to buy our own domain as we're using a free one for now and it doesn't give us as many options as we need.
Every milestone we reach will have a reward for our lovely patreons, but we need to figure out what we'll be able to do!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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