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The Guardians are the allies and friends of the nobble cause. Without the Guardians, our battle would be lost
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They are the front-line defense. Fighting, fearlessly against the furies of the night
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We are an independent mobile game studio based in London. Our mission is to
create games that define a generation.

We believe games have the power to change everything. Great games inspire people since the dawn of humanity and we will still be playing games when are all living inside asteroids, in the depths of space.

Games push the boundaries of what is possible in technology and art. Playtra wants to create those games. We aspire to be pioneers, creating the new worlds that gamers will inhabit for many years to come.

Redefine fun. Build memories. Create legacy...

... and tell the stories that will change our world for generations to come.

We LOVE games!

We want to create amazing games that people will love. We want our games to make emotional connections with the player. We want characters that will stick with you even when you're not playing. Most of all, we want to create memories. Remember when you finally managed to defeat that final boss just to discover that there was a secret one waiting? Or when your favourite NPC is dispatched by the villain and you feel like it's your duty to seek retribution? Each plot twist and new, exciting mechanics create the special connection that only games (and maybe acting) can provide. The memory of living another life. We LOVE games that make a long-lasting part in players lives. 

Games are easy to make. Great games are hard!

Great games take time, dedication and money. Our team is aware of the challenges of creating something great. We've all done this before and now we want to dedicate our lives to do this together. That is the reason why we joined Patreon. To get you as a partner and give you access to all awesome things we are creating, first hand. We want you to be part of the creation process and we want you to help to shape the games Playtra will build from now on.

What is S4GE? 

is an active time battle strategy game for mobile where you control 4 characters looking for the meaning of time itself.
Coming from a perfect world that is slowly losing its memory, Navras, Katu, Noite and Chaar embody the classic archetypes of the Healer, the Mystic, the Soldier and the Trickster respectively. Together, they must dive into the unknown and find out what their people lost to Entropy.

A different Fantasy world

What is the final meaning of reality? What are you, other than memories in other people’s minds? Those are the main questions the story of S4GE asks. In the fantastic world of Ascending, where magic governs physics and fantastic creatures are born out of simple thoughts, a society that defeated hunger, pain and death is helpless against oblivion itself.
Each character knows that they a losing a bit of themselves every day. What they don’t know is the reason why things are being forgotten and, once forgotten, vanished from existence.
Together, they will search the legendary SAGEs, entities of unknown power that can revert the state of the world. They must do it fast before the SAGEs themselves are forgotten and lost forever.

2 of 500 patrons
When we reach our first goal, we will invite 2 of our patrons to a special podcast where we will discuss the story of S4GE world and our plans for future releases
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