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About playwithnikkinikki

Here's an obligatory head-shot-in-casual-clothes for my ABOUT ME section (c)Tatat Roses.
I go by the name: nikkinikki or nikki sensei and I am a self-proclaimed-bunny, frustrated-blogger, magical-girl-wanna-be, coser-by-destiny, and gamer-by-choice. I collect cute stuff and anything pink! I eat almost everything especially sweets! I also have a pet dog and a turtle and I love them both! I L VE singing & dancing too. I've been playing DOTA 2 recently and so far so good My current fave heroes are bristle back, rikimaru, huskar, ursa and lich. I am used to playing tank roles but I am now learning and trying my best to be a good support to my friends and thus, I am practicing hard to play lich. I hope to play with you sometime
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When we reach this goal, i'll be recording a Twice dance cover. Song would be chosen by my patrons ;P
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