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About Plein Air Passage

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 We are Stock and Rachel Schlueter, an old married couple, finding our way to the dream life through painting and travel. Ever since our meeting 20 years ago, we agreed, the most awesome thing in the world would be to hitch up a little trailer and take a painting road trip...for the rest of our lives! 

After about fifteen years we had all but given up on our dream of a plein air passage. Then suddenly and miraculously through a series of strange and far-out events our date with destiny had arrived!  With hearts open, money in our pockets, feeling deeply grateful for the chance and a little scared our journey began.

We left Eureka Ca. on June 5th 2016 and stayed out 11 months. We worked and played our hearts out, from Northern California to the Florida Keys. One year later, we can say we did it and our journey far surpassed our expectations! Life and painting had reached new levels of astonishment. If you would like to check out our travel stories and paintings, the best way is through our FaceBook page. Together we created over 450 plein air paintings during our trip. 

When we got home we began working on our art exhibit. First we scheduled an interview with journalist, Heather Sheldon, which was published in the local newspaper: Link Heather did an amazing job! Paintings were hung in chronological order and accompanied by Stock's map of our travels from beginning to end. The whole exhibit barely fit in our 90' long hall gallery space at 208 C street studios where we work. The show was a huge success. Many friends and red dots made for a very memorable evening of celebration.

We were fortunate to have my son, photographer Tyson Ritter, join us for two months of the trip, he made an amazing video with drone footage! We showed the film he created on the studio wall during our reception. Soon we will link it to this Patreon page! 

Now that we're bonified traveling plein air painters, we take every chance we can to be in spontaneous travel mode! Our next trip is to Arizona for the Sedona Plein Air Festival 
Oct. 13-20th 2018

Currently we are exploring Will Creek Ca. through 2018 

Many thanks to everyone who makes the passage possible! 

Plein Air Passage b. June 5th 2016 circa Eureka California. Arriving home May 5th 2017 FaceBook Instagram
Happy trails to you! 

Love, Stock and Rachel

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When we reach 1000 per month we can start to save to buy a new travel trailer! We love our 12' 1955 Shasta with beautiful wood interior but, an upgrade on size and efficiency would be very nice. And of course plan another extensive painting trip! 
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