is creating Free and Open Source, Multi-Platform Desktop Manager for Linux,

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Download PlexyDesk Binary Releases For Windows and Mac, and Get your Name listed in our contributors page.

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per month Download Server Account, to access nightly releases for all the platforms + Customer support in installing and getting things done. You will also get free access to plexydesk encrypted cloud service (This feature is still in progress, when the feature is complete there will be a monthly subscription - But since YOU are donating now, we will give it free for life and you will be invited first). Only 100 Accounts




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"Currently binary downloads are only available for contributors of PlexyDesk, Even with a dollar. By signing up to be a patreon of PlexyDesk, you will get immediate  access to PlexyDesk Downloads for Microsoft Windows, and Apple Macintosh. computers. Minimum pledge is a dollar."

your continued support will help us progress with Plexydesk development, adding new features, fixing bugs, and porting it to different platforms and hardware. It's true that we are offering our time and efforts to develop this software for free.

We are at a juncture where we need your financial help more than ever,  And the survival of the project depends on it. We invite you to join our mission to build the most awesome desktop manager for Mac, Gnu/Linux and Windows.

PlexyDesk source code is 100% free and open source, but as you know Windows and Mac they really don't care about the users. they just want every one to pay, including the developers.  Times have changed and companies like Apple, Microsoft and Google have tightened their Grip on how software should be developed. So we have to pay for the compilers, digital certificates and also there are restrictions on the web service requests. So as a small team who promotes openness and freedom, we really can't afford to pay for all these things every year. So we will only make a limited number of signed binary releases of plexydesk for Windows and Mac. and we will share it with our contributors. who pledge their support as a Gift we give you. but you are welcome to build your own binaries at any time from our github source code repository.

  When you pledge for PlexyDesk you are basically a contributor so we'll make sure we include your name in our source tree, About dialog and Also in our Website. Buy pledging 50 USD more you can include your we blink or business (no porn/nudity or drugs please) in our website ( for a month.
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This amount helps me to develop PlexyDesk, pay for Hosting, and code signing certificates.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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