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About PNB

For over eight years now, PNB has been an on again off again podcast by a group of friends. Now, we're getting dangerous. Trav, Dylan, Kayla, and Robert ready their mics to branch out into topic-based podcasts with Grind Forever, Level Select, PNB FM, and whatever interesting one-off shows that tickle their fancy.

Not Familiar with the shows? Check them out!

PNB - The anchor of the PNB Network. Hosts Trav, Dylan, and Kayla casually divulge the details of their lives that cause them pain or joy and partake in discussions about current (mostly nerdy) events.

Grind Forever – RPGs (Role Playing Games) can be damn great for being long, repetitive. Good thing talking about them don’t have to be either of those. Each episode we tackle a RPG and discuss its qualities - what we like, where we were when we played, and whatever the guest wants!

Level Select – The iconic, the defining, and the best levels will be highlighted one game at a time. We’ll audibly encapsulate why certain levels best represent the game (Don’t forget your Iron Boots at the door, Water Temple), complete with sound clips from the level and developer commentary (if available) about the level/game.

If you like the shows, $1 a month is all it takes to get early access to our PNB Presents feed. Here, you'll get shows like Grind Forever, Level Select, and literally anything else we feel like tackling a few days early.

If generous, compassionate, and dead sexy describes you, you'll want in on Ultra Coach Super + EX reward tier. If you know in your heart Frogger: The Great Quest has a great level in it, bring a mic and sit down with us. Think we’re wrong? Want listeners to gaze upon your greatness? Be an executive producer of the PNB Network and sway your weight around by challenging our selection of levels with your own.
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