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About Patrick N. R. Julius

I write a blog called Human Economics, found at

With a bachelor's degree in cognitive science and a master's degree in economics, I am part of a new rising paradigm in economic theory, cognitive economics, which seeks to reunite economics with other fields of science, such as cognitive science, psychology, sociology, and evolutionary biology. I am particularly focused on issues of global development and the eradication of poverty.

I update my blog twice a week; topics include economics, cognitive science, public policy, and occasionally philosophy, psychology, sociology, evolutionary biology, and political science.

Without being tied to a university, it's very hard to make money doing research and education. But given the abysmal state of the academic job market, it's also very hard to find a job tied to a university.

I have created this Patreon in the hopes of getting some financial support for these projects, chiefly the regular blog updates. Your support will allow me to focus my time on giving you top-quality blog content and working toward my long-term goals in research and writing, instead of needing a full-time "day job" that would eat up my time without contributing to my efforts in research and education.

In case you are new to Patreon, it provides a platform by which you can support someone like me using a "pay-what-you-can" sliding scale system. You choose how much you want to pledge per month, and you can change the amount at any time. Patreon will deduct a small fee, and the rest will go directly to me to support me in my projects. (For more information, there is a short video you can watch here.) Higher pledges receive perks listed below.
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Once I reach this funding goal, I will upgrade my blog so that it no longer supports ads and customize the design of the site to improve reader experience. It's like hiring me for a web development gig, only it's my own website you're paying me to develop.
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