is creating an intelligent chatbot to help with anxiety

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Know you are a part of keeping Pocketcoach sustainable, I'm truly grateful for that. Thank you!
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You can be proud of yourself for helping me make Pocketcoach available to all those who struggle with anxiety. 

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Welcome to my Patreon site, glad you've made it here :)

The goal is to make mental health support accessible to everyone who struggles with anxiety. 

I'd love to keep Pocketcoach up and running and - just as importantly - continue to improve it and create new content for you. Here's a quick rundown of what the money is for:

  • Adding new lessons and exercises for problems that often go hand in hand with anxiety: Procrastination, depression, fear of criticism, social anxiety, panic attacks, etc.

  • Giving more intelligence to Pocketcoach
    • The goal is to let Pocketcoach adapt to your specific needs and circumstances
    • As I continue to improve Pocketcoach, it will have more and more options to understand you better

  • Marketing:
    • The goal is to help a lot of people but to reach them we have to spend time and resources. Part of your contribution would go into writing new blog posts and maybe even running some Facebook ads.

  • Improving Pocketcoach designs
    • I'm sure you've noticed; I'm a mediocre designer at best. People with wonderful design skills are out there though so I only need to find and pay them :)

  • Food and clothes for me.
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With more than $3000 per month we can hire a software developer to improve the technical aspects of Pocketcoach:

- Make it work more reliably
- Add the ability to ask more open-ended questions
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