I Can't Believe It's Not News

is creating a podcast about fake news
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About I Can't Believe It's Not News

Two friends were tired of pulling their hair out over fake news, so they thought – what can we do? We’re not journalists. We’re not scientists. We’re not famous. Surely this is someone else’s problem to solve right? But what if we could fight fake news… as two bad ass women with microphones and an unlimited supply of fake news to discuss?

Hi, We're Beth and Kelly, and we co-host a biweekly podcast about fake news called “I Can't Believe it's Not News” that explores the fake news phenomena and it's effect on different facets of society.

We premiered our podcast in April 2017. Since then we have analyzed fake stories and memes, discussed current events related to fake news and interviewed people who are actually qualified to talk about this stuff, all while having a few laughs and encouraging consumption of real news sources.

With your support we are looking forward to doing more of that PLUS the following:

  • Hiring a real artist to create an awesome logo.
  • Upgrading our equipment and giving you better content.
  • Growing the podcast to a bigger audience of fake news fighting warriors!

Thank you so much for your support and remember...

Spread jam, not lies.
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