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One dollar per month gives you great karma in podcasting by helping us to help others in their podcasting lives. You also get access to frequent exclusive posts here on Patreon. In addition, we'll add you or your podcast link to our patron page at PodcastingPro.com
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Five dollars per month gives you karma, exclusive post access, and a PodcastingPro.com patron listing, plus access to a private podcasting technical support Slack channel with Podcasting Pro Editor, Orlando Rios. In this channel you can get guided help in all aspects of podcasting whenever you need it.
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Ten dollars per month gives you karma, exclusive post access, private Slack technical support access, plus access to a monthly group Google Hangouts podcasting brainstorm and discussion session with Podcasting Pro Editor Orlando Rios. Ask anything and help formulate ideas with others for your show. In addition, we'll ship you the Start A Podcast Book and email you the Advanced Podcast Editing E-Book.



About Podcasting Pro

In 2016 I launched Podcasting Pro with the goal of helping people create and improve their podcast. Since then, we’ve helped thousands of people do exactly that through blog content, podcaster profiles, and published books.

I’m ready to take Podcasting Pro even further. I want it to be a place that continues to help people follow their dreams, a place that highlights the best in the industry, and a place that becomes a podcasting community like no other.

But in order to do this and expand what I can do, I realize that I need help. With your support, I can devote more time and energy towards this project. Eventually, I hope to also hire help… maybe even from the Patreon community!

By giving as little as a $1 a month, you will help me continue to run this project. If you have the capacity to give more, there are some really cool personal rewards that i’m offering.

One of the biggest things I wished I had when I was starting out in podcasting was dedicated technical support. At our $5 level you my personal support via Slack! That means that you can ask me any questions you have about podcasting and get a personal response usually instantly - or within 24 hours.

Choose the $10 level and you will get to be a part of something I’m really excited about - the podcasters monthly brainstorming google hangout session. Every month $10 patrons will get to join a hangout with me and other podcasters to talk about anything podcasting related. We can share ideas, network, and more! I can’t wait. Plus, I'll ship you a print copy of the Start A Podcast book and email you the Advanced Editing E-Book.

In addition, all patrons will get listed on the Podcasting Pro patron page with a link to your podcast (if you have one).

I’m very appreciative of whatever you can spare. With your help, Podcasting Pro will be the best podcast related site there is.

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When I reach $500 per month, I'll start a special podcast and article series where I interview one podcasting patron per month going for their podcasting dreams.
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