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This was born out of my trip to New Media Expo, back in January of 2014 (Vegas Baby!) I love podcasts and for the longest time, I would have dozens queue'd up on my iPhone (who uses the word 'podcatcher' anyway?) It was there that the idea was born. Why not start up conversations with some of these folks, and see what happens?

Well, as it turns out, I love talking to these folks. I've been lucky enough to start off the series with some of the most interesting podcasters out there. Folks like Chase Reeves, Dan Norris & Alex McClafferty, Jeff Brown, Cynthia Sanchez, Greg Hickman, John Lee Dumas, Elsie Escobar, James Schramko & Chris Chidgey. If you don't recognized these names, no worries. Listen in and consider your horizons broadened!

The conversations are continuing with new guests being lined up as we speak. Now some of these folks may not be common names, or have huge audiences, or have recorded 100+ episodes, but I promise that the conversation will be engaging. This won't be a rote Q&A, I promise.

Now, if that sounds interesting, and you want that kind of show as well, then please consider contributing to the cause! If everybody in the audience gave 50 cents per show, ($2 a month), that would definitely help the cause. Give $1.25 per show, or $5 a month, and the show can really start to grow and get better. Now just imagine what I could start to do with $10 and $25 donations! #mindblown

Your feedback is also appreciated! Sending in feedback, telling others about the show on social media, and commenting on episodes are other ways to help out if 50 cents a show is too much for now. But... if you have the means to support, then I hope you'll give it a shot!

My job now is to keep finding the most engaging guests. If you've got someone in mind, let me know! I'll use your support to continue to market and improve the quality of the show. I'm working on the first round of shirts, and will get them out to the early contributors at cost as well!
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I'll work with professional audio folks to ensure that the shows intros, outros, and edits are all professionally done, for your listening pleasure!
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