is creating confessional & haunting poetry in the Pacific Northwest
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About Ariel

I identify myself as a Pacific Northwest poet, as the emotive Pac NW definitely helps shape my poems and symbols and metaphors I use, I have been writing confessional and haunting poetry since 1976. Often compared to Sylvia Plath, it is not unusual for me to have several poems whispering to me through the day; the only way to quiet them is to write them down. Those poems can be quite noisy if I try to ignore them ...
Let's start with the TLDR summary - I have written lots of poetry, published lots of poetry and now, as a full-time poet, need your help to send those poems out in chapbooks, poetry collections, videos, audio and other publications!

So credentials ... I do have them! 
  • My most recent publishing credit is being one of the  Moments Before Midnight poet. Moments Before Midnight is a political poetry anthology exploring social, economic and environmental issues, with profits being donated to the ACLU. 
  • Composed over 1500 poems 
  • Official Ariel website on WordPress includes a blog offering daily poetry prompts. 
  • Audio files of my poems available on  Soundcloud. Video files on  Youtube.
  • Published credits include Print (such as Gold Man Review , AIMStatesman Journal, Salem Weekly)  Anthologies ( i.e. Through Her Eyes, Speaking Peace,  The Widow’s Handbook Moments Before Midnight) Online Journals (i.e. Unshod Quills, We Are 50 Poems, Literary Orphans) and International Venues (example UK Poetry Library).
  • My Crowleigh was featured as an award winner in one of Ireland's poetry festivals. 
  • Participant in area events such as Salem Poetry Project, Salem Peace Mural Project & Silverton's Visual-Verbal.
  • Member of Oregon State Poetry Association, Willamette Valley Poetry AssociationPoet Writing Collective, Scribe Writers Collective, Silverton Poetry Association, and Willamette Writers, and was a past board member of Third Thursday Poets
  • Active participant of the Open Mics & Spoken Word events in Oregon's Willamette Valley. Frequent Featured Poet at Salem Poetry Project.
As a full-time poet. I have had poetry-lovers clamoring for me to publish chapbooks and to have my poetry be more accessible.  But - like as in old - I have been unable to do this without a patron. With patrons, I hope to not only be able to afford food, electricity, paper, stamps, internet, website, but also to get chapbooks and poetry collections published & available, submit to paying venues & competitions, offer media with a more polished quality, and begin to offer poetry workshops & retreats. ... 
My goal ... to be one of those rare and mythical creatures - a paid poet.
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NovPAD - November's Poem-A-Day -  is a "30 poems in 30 days" challenge. NovPad is held in conjunction with  NaNoWriMo, as an alternative challenge for poets. Every day in November, hosts of various NovPADs' will have a prompt for the poem to be written that day; some are simple, such as "a hidden tune", others complex such as utilizing a specific poetry form or basing it on a literary figure's work. 
I often participate in 3-5 PAD challenges during April and November. I started years ago with Writer's Digest/Robert Lee Brewer's NoPAD challenge - but have collected others since. NovPAD is now "a thing" - and a thing I do. It is a struggle to do 30 "conscious" poems but I am often amazed at the places it takes me. Many of my most powerful poems were sparked by a PAD prompt, including my poem "Gray" available on YouTube.
I will end November with a great number of new material (approx. 90 poems) Not only will I post them to my blog as drafts - so you will get to join in on the journey - Each will become its own poetry chapbook or full-size collection.
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