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 Ghost Orchids are the beautiful, delicate first tier!

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  • A monthly hand-drawn coloring page

          ~A high-quality jpg file that you can download or print and color however you like

  • Option to enter the Ghost Orchid Tier Coloring Challenge

          ~Send your colored-in page back to me with the subject "Coloring Challenge" and I will choose one winner to feature on my Instagram page! 

  • Early access to art

          ~See the art that I post before I post it anywhere else 

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Roses are the luscious, velvety second tier!

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  • All previous rewards (access to coloring pages, option to enter Coloring Challenge, early access to art)

  • Free art stickers mailed to you every month!

         ~Every month, you will receive four art stickers. Cover your sketchbook, laptop or wall in art that reflects your personality! The illustration on the stickers is a surprise, but they will always be high-quality image of my original art in my style. 

  • Patron-exclusive art, videos, and progress-photos

          ~Not every drawing makes it to Instagram. Get exclusive looks at drawings and in-progress artwork

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 Ambrosias are the sweet, heavenly third tier! 

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          ~Get an exclusive coupon code to save 20% on all products (including Originals, Prints, Chokers, and Earrings!)  

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About Niara Noctyrna

Hello, all you beautiful creatures! My name is Niara Noctyrna, or PoisonAppleSociety and I am a self-taught primarily traditional artist!

I create art that is meant to look beautiful and dark as well as to comment on society and perception. My goal is to use art to create fantastical worlds and stories where imagination is the only limitation.

Thank you so much for visiting my Patreon! If you like what I'm doing, feel free to become a Patron for access to coloring pages and other exclusive goodies! You can also check out my online store at Thanks again!
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When I reach 50 patrons, I'll start offering notebooks and sketchbooks of my art in my online store and free gifts for Ambrosia-level patrons!
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