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Are you a fan of PA? The premium tier is for users with smaller setups that want to help keep PA the best it can be. Premium users get access to the patron-only channel, as well as a special rank so that everyone else know's you a part of what makes PA awesome!
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Do you really like PokeAlarm? The Elite tier is for users with slightly larger coverage - and probably dozens of their own users. Elite users not only have access to the Patron rank and channel, but they also have increased say in what features they'd like to see in the future.
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PA is love, PA is life - the hardcore tier is for users with massive, sprawling setups supported by hundreds or even thousands of their own users. Patrons in this tier have the most influence on what features have priority, as well as sneak peeks at design docs for upcoming features.
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About Deadly

Welcome to the PokeAlarm Patreon! PokeAlarm (aka PA) is a application that manages, filters, and distributes notifications about events that occur in the mobile phone game PokemonGo.

Through Patreon, you can help support PA's continued growth and development by setting up monthly donations to Deadly, PokeAlarm's creator. With every donation, you are supporting Deadly's work in the following areas:

  1. Maintenance and upkeep to keep PA running smoothly
  2. Designing, developing, and implementing new features
  3. Oversee and lead the PA team to provide a place
In return for their support, Patron's get some special discord perks and have more influence in where PokeAlarm's development happens in the future.

Patron or not, you are always welcome to find support via our Github page or in our Discord server.
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When we reach 25 patron's, I will add some fun, utility functions to Trainer Red for patron's to use
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