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is creating Service for Collecting Rare Pokemons
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Any 1 Pokemon. Please dont ask for 3rd level evolution
per month
You will provide us with an account name and password to catch the Pokemon. Also you will not login into the account for atleast 24 hrs for us to use the account and catch the pokemon. If we cannot find the pokemon, we will refund the money within 48hrs. 
New Account + 1 pokemon
per month
We will create an account and catch the pokemon you are interested in. Use this service if you dont want to share your account details. If we cannot find the pokemon, we will refund the money within 48hrs



About Pokemon Collector Service

We are a group on facebook with people in almost every country. Based on which pokemon is being requested, person will login the country where that pokemon is available and catch them for you. Since we will login to your account in the country where pokemon is present, we expect you to no use the account for 24hrs. Also try our service using a low level account before giving us your main to catch the pokemons.
- Raid boss request will require use of a daily pass or a premium pass. 
- Regional exclusive may take upto 48hrs because of the time differences.
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